Bulgaria and Slovenia Protest Event Dataset

The content of Bulgaria and Slovenia Protest Event Dataset is collected from the Bulgarian press agency (Balgarska Telegrafna Agentsia – BTA) and the Slovenian news agency (Slovenska tiskovna agencija – STA) through their search engine using the term protest/протест and terms with the same root (protestors, protesting etc.) as key-words to be found in the title or the news description. The time-span begins from January 2009 and lasts until December 2017. The main variables include the date of the event, number of protest participants, characteristics of the organization, the claims made, the target, the reactions of police, the forms of action, and the intensity of violence. The large number of variables (n=43) help understanding continuities and discontinuities of trends and patterns in the protest arena and understanding of specific mechanisms of contentions.

Regarding the data collection technique, I have chosen a systematic daily collection of protest events instead of events sampling on a particular day of the week. Therefore, the dataset consists of any protest event reported in the above mentioned period from the press agencies: 1624 events for Bulgaria and 409 events for Slovenia.

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