Selected analyses in 2020/2021

Ivaylo Dinev, Contemporary Dimensions of the Battle with Inequalities, TV Evropa

Ivaylo Dinev: We see a redistribution of the protest vote, BTV

Ivaylo Dinev: A new political entity may prove to be a super winner, Bulgarian National Radio (In Bulgarian)

“Slavi Trifonov’s party is for softer patriotism and expression of the anti-systemic vote”, Bulgarian National Radio (In Bulgarian)

Positioning of the main political parties in Bulgaria on the left-right and libertarian-authoritarian axes. (In Bulgarian)

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions: Women in Bulgaria get paid less – News (

The development of the political left in Europe and Bulgaria, TV Europa (In Bulgarian)
Поглед към съвременното ляво – Vbox7

Comparison between the protest waves in 2013 and 2020, BTV and Bulgarian National Radio (In Bulgarian)
Ивайло Динев: Нуждата от справедливост обединява сегашните и предишните протести – bTV Новините (
Протестите през 2013-а и сега – прилики и разлики – Посоки – БНР Новини (

The effects of Covid-19 and the on-going political crisis, BTV (In Bulgarian)
Политолог: Кризата с COVID помогна да се осмисли каква е ролята на държавата – bTV Новините (

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